Easy chocolate mousse with 2 Ingredients!


When your fridge and cupboards are nearly empty, but you have 3 eggs and 1 chocolate tablet, you can scream : « Victoire !!! »


With these 2 ingredients you can make a very tasty healthy chocolate mousse !


Personally I do not think you need to add extra sugar, it will hide the taste of chocolate.


It is a cheap and quickly done recipe but there are the keys to success :


– Good quality chocolate ! For me, Valhrona or Aldi. Choose a chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa to get a very firm mousse, my favourite is the dark chocolate orange.


– Use free range eggs. As they will be used raw, you need good quality eggs coming from happy hens J


Ingredients :


– 3 eggs

– 100g chocolate


1- Melt the chocolate in the microwave. 30s stir, 20s stir, 15 s …… until it is completely molten. Adjust the timing, if you are nowhere near reaching the melting point put 20 more seconds. If it is nearly done and you just see few bits of chocolate left – 5s. This is the key ! Never put the full minute or more ( this is the classic mistake) always split the time.


2- Separate yolks and white.


3- Whisk the egg whites up to stiff peaks.


4- Add the yolks to molten chocolate and stir.


5- Scoop out 1/3 of whisked egg whites to the chocolate mix and fold gently.


6- Repeat with the rest of the whisked egg whites.


7- Pour the mixture into little bowls. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours !





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