Zebra Brioche grrrrrr

If you have no plastercine, it is the perfect activity to keep your kids busy during this lockdown, and it gives them a reward in the afternoon after they finished their homeworks (while your brioche rises and bakes) … you can tell that I am a teacher treats always work with kids no matter the age 🙂


  • 250 g plain flour/ or strong flour
  • 10g fresh yeast or 4g dried yeast
  • 3 eggs
  • 30 g granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 150 g unsalted butter
  • cocoa powder ( I used 2 types: pure one and a cadbury for hot chocolate to give different colours).


1- In the bowl of your mixer with the hook, put all the ingredients together. Pay attention to put the salt far way from the yeast (the salt annihilates the yeast ‘action!). If your butter is too hard, soft it for 10/15 s in the microwaves. If you use dried yeast, dissolve it in a tiny bit of warmed milk.

Mix and knead for about 5 minutes.

2- Remove half of the dough. Add 1 Tsp cocoa powder (clearer one Cadbury type), mix until the dough takes the chocolate colour.

3- Remove half of the dough and add 1 Tsp of pure cocoa powder. Mix until it gets very dark.

4- Leave your 3 types of dough in a tray and let it prove for 1-2 hours.

5- Once the doughs rise, divide the plain one into 7 small buns. Do the same for the chocolate doughs.

6- Place the lighter brown dough in the center and roll it like a sausage. Flatten the darker dough and wrap around the sausage. Flatten the plain one and wrap it around the chocolate sausage.

7- Repeat seven times.

8- Place the log-shaped doughs into a tin. Cover with a cloth and rise again for another 1 hour and half.

9- Preheat the oven at 180 degrees. (steam and fan for me)

10- Beat an egg and use a brush to glaze.

11- Bake for 25-30 minutes

Bon Appétit!!!!

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