Number tart

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Number tart


Ingredients :


(1)   sweet pastry

250 g plain flour

77 g icing sugar

25 g ground almond

1 egg

144 g butter

1 pinch of salt


(2) Crème Chantilly 

500 mL double cream

300 g mascarpone

70 g icing sugar



(1) sweet pastry


Put all the ingredients in your mixer bowl. Do not overwork the paste.

Cover with cling film and put in the freezer for 15 min.


Print out the numbers template :


Roll the pastry, use a knife to cut around the template. Cut 2 times each number. One will go at the bottom, the other one at the top.

Then put in the freezer for 1 hour.


(2) Crème Chantilly 


Whip all the ingredients until you get soft peaks.

Put in a piping bag with a round tip (1 cm)


Bake the sweet pastry blind at 180 degrees between 15-17 min.


Then use your imagination to decorate it ! Macarons, meringue, chocolate, flowers, sprinkles… everything is possible !!!





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