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La Dulcey Tart

Thank you Frederic Bau for forgetting his white chocolate in the bain-marie! From this mistake was born the wonderful Dulcey chocolate from Valrhona that I recently discovered during a Michalak Masterclass in Paris.

This tart is made of a sweet pastry and a Dulcey cream, at the top of it, I add some roasted caramelized hazelnuts for the greed 🙂 


Ingredients for 8 mini tarts:

Dulcey Cream

110 g double cream

110 g milk

1 sheet of gelatine

180g Dulcey chocolate

25 g muscovado sugar


Sweet pastry:

125 g plain flour

80 g icing sugar

25g ground almond

1 egg

150 g butter

pinch of salt


En route for the Sweet pastry…

Preheat the oven 170 C

Use the paddle attachment of the Kitchen Aid.

To get a final product that crumbles in the mouth never over work the dough! This is the secret.

Put all the ingredients together in the bowl. Mix at  speed 3 and stop when a ball is formed. To keep the pastry from being tough, it is important to keep the gluten content to a minimum. However , since it is usually necessary to knead the doughvto form it into a suitable shape, some gluten formation is inevitable. Gluten is formed when wheat flour is deformed in the presence of water. Indeed the water partially dissolve the proteins that are already present in the flour. I can develop in a next post the chemistry involved behind this but I do not really know if you are bother right now maybe if you are victim of an insomnia one night J

Cover with cling film and leave it 1 hour in the fridge, it will avoid that it skinks back when you will cook it.

Roll up your dough and bake it blind for 16 minutes at 170 degrees.

Dulcey Cream

In a saucepan, heat the cream and milk.

At the same time, in a bowl mix the yolk and the sugar. Pour a little bit of hot creamy mixture onto the bowl then put back everything in the saucepan and heat until a thick consistency.

Pour the hot mixture on the chocolate and gelatine (or agar agar for vegetarians) in a bowl. No need to melt the chocolate before as it will happen with the warm mixture. Use the mixer (the same you use for the soup) to smooth it.

For the decoration, roast Hazelnuts in the oven for few minutes, make a caramel and put the Hazelnuts into it when it is still liquid: you have made a nougatine ! Let it cool down on an antiadhesive sheet then use the blender to break it into little pieces for the decoration.

Et voila!

Bon appetit!



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