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About me

Bonjour ,

My name is Severine, I am French, I moved to the North East 6 years ago.

I was sent to England by my French school to study the different way of teaching Science in the UK and I decided to stay in Newcastle after meeting my now husband.

I really love the North East, which for me is very similar to the North of France in terms of people, very friendly and welcoming.

As I always love baking, Crème de la Crème was a natural progression for me.

3 years ago, I decided to start a new adventure here and use my knowledge in Chemistry to understand the different chemical reactions involved in baking.

Pâtisserie is an Art obviously but also a Science. This is why I like to sprinkle a touch of Science into my workshops.

The classes are accessible to everyone, you do not need to be an expert in baking to attend.

groups are small (usually not more than 5 people) to enable me to concentrate on the individual and ensure everyone is learning, baking and having fun.

We aim to bring you delicious traditional French pâtisserie that you have heard of and we also revisit some English classics with a French twist.


If you have any enquiries please email me on


or call me 0191 711 6675

A bientôt!

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