Vegan, Gluten Free, lactose Free Chocolate cream! and ….. tastyyyyyyyyy!!! What else?

This veggies box I receive every week forces me to do more research and open my mind on food concept! 

I like the idea of changing my eating habits like less sugar, less fat or better good fat but I am always struggled to put that into practise.

Step by step, little by little I am sure I will get there.

I read on a French magazine that you need to do 21 times a thing to turn it into a habit. Does this concept apply in the UK? 

I got this recipe from @lalignegourmande and it was a hit! Except for my teen that finds it too bitter, so this is why I would recommend the milk chocolate instead of the dark one for people who prefers a little touch of sugar. (But do not add any extra sugar in the recipe the idea is to keep the recipe as healthy as possible 🙂 


180 g dark chocolate/ or dark orange / or milk if you want to make it sweet

200 g almond milk

400 g steamed squash

1- I am always scared when it comes to peel squash! So be careful when removing the skin, scoop out, cut into little cubes and steam it for 30 min. (you can also boil them).

2- Transfer them straight away into your food processor, add the chocolate and mix it. The warmed squash will melt the chocolate and you will get a smooth texture. Then add the almond milk and mix again maximum speed for about 1 minute.

3- Transfer into ramequins and let it rest in the fridge to set for 2 hours.

Bon appetit!!

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