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chocolate  |  Newcastle

Torta Caprese

I am running out of flour so I tried to explore different areas. I got this recipe from the French influencer Noholita and nobody was …
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The chocoFlan!

A decadent recipe! First try first success! Could not believe it! I have to say that I was quite sceptical about the fact the 2 phases …
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Ganaches & Gluten Free Brownie

If you are a chocolate lover, this recipe is for you! Exactly what we need during this sad time! Ingredients  For a dark chocolate …
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The French Express baguette !

  Today I share with you the recipe which has been on every French blog ! It is called « la baguette de Rose » the particularity of …
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Saucepan Science

  • The chocoFlan!

    The chocoFlan!
  • Why do we need to rest a pancake batter?

    Why do we need to rest a pancake batter?
  • How to master the Brioches?

    How to master the Brioches?
  • Macaron Ombré tower

    Macaron Ombré tower


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